My husband and I have been married 6 years. However, we have been a couple for 11 years. I feel compelled to include that last bit as 6 years doesn't do our relationship justice. We live in the Bitterroot of Montana where we raise and homeschool our 3 children ages 9, 5 & 3.


Before I had my 3rd child I began a deep spiral of depression,  which got much worse after he was born.


My family and marriage suffered because of it and even the thought of divorce was becoming imminent. I hurt and felt all alone. I knew I didn't like how I felt or what was happening but had no idea how to stop it. In desperation I turned to books, podcasts and audio-books. This quickly became an obsession.


I took what I learned and applied it in my life. It didn't take long for my feelings to start to change!  The way I responded to family improved and I turned my relationship with my husband from a "roommate" status to PASSION and FIRE!

That’s where the download happened. God gave me a vision to put everything He had taught me into an easy 20 Day step by step workshop to guide couples back together!  Since receiving this vision I have marinated my life in the various fields of study to fully understand every angle of how and why families fall apart, and what specifically needs to be done to avoid the breakdown and, more importantly, facilitate the necessary healing!


I know firsthand how quickly a relationship can be turned around with guidance and implementation. And I was the only one trying. Even if your husband is distant, I want to you to know that you alone can pull him back in!


I believe a husband & wife are the center of the family structure with nothing above them other than God. Our children need to see a strong and united front amongst their parents. My goal is to help couples achieve this unity, and thrive in their relationships the way God intended!


With an average divorce rate in America at 50% and a marriage success rate at only 30%, I was determined not to become another statistic.  I have found that a significant reason why there is such a tremendous breakdown in the marriage covenant today is due to the lack of information and mindset of what an individual "thinks" a marriage should look like.


I specialize as a marriage and relationship coaching, but my primary passion and mission is to support and mentor women who have a the desire and passion to bring back the fire in their marriage!  Anger, overwhelm and constant frustration are a very real struggle and I get it!  It is my desire to teach you and guide you in developing the necessary skills to live a life of peace, calm and happiness so you can enjoy the family life you’ve always dreamed it would be!


My 20 Day Marriage Workshop is designed to build on itself each day for a balanced and healthy marriage but also works on your emotional state of mind and increased confidence in yourself. I teach you simple yet effective daily tools for motivation and uplifting the spirit. Daily activities will include doing things for and with your spouse but most importantly focusing on yourself. Can I get a heck ya for self-care?!!


As you go through the Marriage Workshop you will soon start to see small positive changes in yourself, your husband and children, if you have any. It has an amazing trickle effect that others outside of the home will notice. Both you and your husband will be more willing and open to spending time with each other and do things with one another. It will then become a desire. You will look forward to the little moments together. You will start to see your husband as you did in your early days of dating but also see and appreciate the changes he has made as a husband, father and man. The family will unite and thrive with the tools that are implemented in the Marriage Workshop.


My goal is to help you create that passion and fire in the relationship with your husband.  The tools and information within the Marriage workshop will do it for you!  However!  You have to WANT the change. You have to put forth the effort and discipline to make it happen. Joyce Brothers said it simply, "If you change nothing, nothing changes."


If I can do it. So can you.  It would be my honor and pleasure to serve you.


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